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MaleMale, 2807 Aug 2019 17:49
Thanks for listening today. 😋 Joyce Miller - drug dealer fat ugly chro ice who killed innocent J. Too bad you never die in Feb. Your a disgrace. Hope they lock you up soon.
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MaleMale, 1426 Jan 2018 13:47
There's a boy down the street that I'm really attracted to, but I'm not sure if Rover really wants to commit.
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FemaleFemale, 3217 Nov 2017 16:02
I love watching guys get dressed I wake up early to watch the neighbor it's becoming a problem
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MaleMale, 2703 Nov 2017 13:48
How do I let my ex know that I know and how do we communicate and keep this in house
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MaleMale, 3626 Oct 2017 07:35
To the 30 year old and up with your daughter smarten up stop that shit she must be very young you need to focus on something else bud
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