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MaleMale, 5222 Jan 2019 05:48
What if? What if my sister had a pecker? She'd be my brother. And I could kick her succubus wicked ass.
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FemaleFemale, 3820 Nov 2017 15:17
Fk i hope this is anonymous but hey. Got a real issue, it's taken me away. I want it to stop but then i don't. I truly rely on it now. It's a constant that's always there these days. It's ruining my family.. my life.. It's taken my money.. my life.. now I'm wishing i had a "Crystal" that would stop it!
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FemaleFemale, 1817 Nov 2017 21:01
I am sad! I dated someone for 5 years, and I had to break it off cause my fam disliked him, and we never saw anyone, but I still love him.
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MaleMale, 1524 Oct 2017 00:30
I like a girl and I think she like me back idk what to say to her
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MaleMale, 3823 Oct 2017 18:05
How do you reply to some of these posts?
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